The Grand Launch Of KERF

Hello and welcome to my website KERF LIVING and my blog.

I am Priyanka Taparia- woman with a vision for better living. This blog is to share ideas and tips on interiors, furniture choices and more to inspire better lifestyles!

I am from the ‘city of temples’ Chennai, where art and architecture and structures have always inspired me in the forms of beautiful temples. This led me to do my schooling in B.A Fine Arts and understand the nuances of colors and schemes and appreciate art, sculptures and crafting even

From a young age, I have had predisposed aesthetic sense and I loved putting pieces of furniture together. I further pursued a course in interior designing from Stella Maris, Chennai which further honed my capabilities and understanding of spaces and it’s functionality. I started interning with prominent architects in Chennai to get a more hands-on approach and this only made me sure about my career calling.

I believe there’s always so much to learn and the world being a giant global amalgamation of different styles, interiors & architecture, I had the thirst to learn more. This took me to a summer course at Parson’s School of Design. Now armed with theory and practical application I started designing people’s homes, offices and other interior spaces and everyday has been a great learning ever since and I do what I love and I love what I do.

I then moved to Mumbai and continued working here with the most amazing people who trusted me to design them their dream and I am humbled by the response I have got and that’s when I decided to take this a notch higher and come up with KERF.

KERF is a studio housing some of the best forms, furniture and functionality elements such as plush sofas, armchairs, elusive lightings and more. KERF has been started with a vision to provide superior quality, exclusive design and customization. KERF in simple terms provides niche yet affordable luxe in the form of high-end designs and unparalleled traits associated with the best of the industry.

KERF implies working with wood and creating something stellar out of it that delights all our senses. The objective is to create a sensorial experience of things beautiful and inspirational. Elements of the world, lifestyle travel and design have been kept in mind while curating these pieces. The idea is to take you places with versatile elements and global appeal when you walk into the store. Discover sublime spaces and feel your eyes getting rejuvenated and make your everyday lounging more qualitative with KERF.

The opening of the store was very overwhelming as the most renowned personalities of India walked in and had the most encouraging things to say. I’d like to thank god, my family and my patrons for constantly supporting me to give shape to my dreams.

Come be a part of the higher living with KERF living!

Lots of Love,
Priyanka Taparia