New Year Decoration Ideas

New Year Decoration ideas

With 2018 just around the corner and various New Year resolutions being formed, it’s time to create the year-round appeal of a new look for your home. You can play around with pattern, texture, color, lights, paints and wallpapers and bring small but significant changes in your house.

  1. A Makeover with Lights-

The easiest transformation that can be made in your home is changing the lighting fixtures. Make your yellow lights into white. Or it can be a more prominent revamp with adding a new Chandelier.

  1. Painting a wall-

An easy quick fix DIY can be painting a wall by a different shade. Pick one wall that needs a change of color. You can even choose to paste a wallpaper instead. This will add instant freshness and newness to your residence.

  1. Adding new furniture-

The one thing we neglect often is furniture. However, if you feel that your furniture is getting obsolete, New year is the perfect time to revamp! You can start by replacing your old sofa for something more apt to your family size or space needs.

  1. Placing mirrors-

A mirror serves dual purpose – decoration and utility. One can add venetian mirrors to walls to create a focal point. You can even add large mirrors to create an illusion of larger space.

  1. Simple accessorizing-

Your house can be instantly jazzed up by some natural touches such as changing the flowers, adding more vases or simply a new carpet and cushions.


Ultimately home is where the heart is!

KERF wishes all it’s patrons a Happy New Year 2018.