Turn your living room into a comfortable space that fits your personality with these tips.


A comfortable and ergonomic lounge chair is the first rule of thumb. Whether you’re reading a book, watching a show, listening to music or playing a game, the lounge chair is the essential furnishing to have in your living area. Recliners with ottomans are great to lean back in and put your feet up after a long day. A modular bookshelf or a transparent display case with sturdy shelving allows you to display trinkets or show-off your prized possessions. Next, be sure to have lighting that fits your needs. Lamps with shades diffuse light creating a more mellow atmosphere. Standing lamps with exposed bulbs or less shading brighten and energize a space.  It is always best to have multiple light sources depending on the activities you like to do.



Stick to a color palette that is consistent and complementary. Neutral colors work well as a base such as gray, taupe, tan, cream, ivory and brown. They can easily be paired with splashes of brightly colored accents throughout the space. When adding wooden furnishings keep a consistent wood finish. Get the walnut end table with the walnut frame chair. Avoid mixing too many different wood and metal finishes in one room. 


fabric sofa

Explore different styles for your living room that will tie the room together. Style gives the room unsurpassable character and comfort. Most styles are not meant for one specific gender; however, masculinity and femininity play a prominent role in furniture design. Rigid and geometric designs are often associated with masculinity whereas amorphic and fluid designs are associated with femininity. A combination of these can be found in styles such as Scandinavian, Bauhaus, Art Deco, Eclectic, Coastal, Industrial, Rustic and Retro. They’ll give you a variety of design options when choosing the right furniture for your living room.


As every interior designer and decorator does, research different styles and refer to color swatches to lay your main colors out in front of you. Equip your living room with the proper gear and furnishings. Give your space a personal touch by showcasing your personality through the things you love. Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy your space!