Terms & Conditions

Terms & Condition
This warranty is valid for 1 Year, applies only to products used within a normal residential setting and in accordance with the maintenance and usage of each product. Under this Warranty, we will repair the purchased product, when, under normal conditions of use, it has non conformities that were not recognizable at the time of delivery. Within a reasonable time period, KERF will make an inspection to verify the extent of the defects.
This warranty does not cover:
– non-conformities in products bought for non-residential use, i.e. in environments other than the product’s normal residential setting
– faults or defects due to accidental damage
– natural markings or creases caused by damage to the leather or by variations in the grain and colour due to the leather’s natural properties (characteristics that simply reflect the use of genuine leather)
– cracking or peeling of the leather
– damage caused by burns, cuts, pets, or other forms of improper use
– damage caused by the user’s negligence or by unsuitable cleaning or treatment of the upholstery
– damage to the leather, fabrics, metal or veneer caused by the application of inappropriate chemicals, detergents or softeners or treatments
– damage caused by corrosive materials, such as acids, salt water, magnesium chlorides, ice melt, solvents, dyes, inks, paints, or human or animal body fluids
– damage from direct exposure to sunlight and/or heat sources, and similar conditions, with resulting discolouration
– product damage due to abuse, improper use, or force majeure items sold as samples, as used goods, or “as is” damage due to repairs made by technicians not authorised by KERF.
– Please also note that the cushions will normally become softer with use; hence, this cannot in any way be interpreted as a loss of quality due to production faults, defects in materials, or non-conformities of any kind.
Procedure to be followed
– The warranty is valid for 1 Year on Furniture from the date of purchase, the original purchase receipt is required as proof of purchase.
– You must send your request together with the purchase document stating the date of the delivery and/or Invoice Copy of the product, and photographic evidence of the fault or defect.
– Within a reasonable time period, KERF will make an inspection to verify the extent of the defects.
– If we find that the product contains manufacturing defects covered by this warranty, then we will send a request for service
– We will repair the product or part of it, at its own discretion, within a reasonable time period.