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Our Values

Real Value

We pride ourselves on offering well-crafted, tailor-made, customized pieces that provide unparalleled utility, thanks to innovative sourcing. It’s no fun making priceless furniture unless you can make it a part of your life!

Customer Focus

Our knowledgeable and highly approachable store associates welcome questions and are equipped to handle all your queries. They possess the design expertise to assist you in choosing the right styles and fabrics, coordinate items and suggest to you layouts that would simply enhance! They can educate you about the quality of materials and construction we offer which will add up to years of innate satisfaction in your lifestyle choice.

Our Services

Upgrade your living with supreme quality and unmatched designs from KERF. Already a benchmark
to many, KERF aims to provide niche yet affordable luxe in the form of superior designs and
unparalleled traits associated with the best of the industry.
KERF has got the 3 F’s right- Form, Function & Furniture. Our designs are tailor made keeping in
mind your vision and our mission to provide utmost customer satisfaction. Enjoy highly exclusive
contemporary prints and comfortable styles in the form you desire!
KERF is always listening to its customer’s needs and constantly looking at filling the gap between
industry trends and client demand by providing niche one-of-a-kind designs that spell a calibre and
class of its own.

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