The Brand

Kerf has a clear and personal vision of contemporary lifestyles, which are studied and interpreted so that the company can provide solutions through its products. It is a collection of sofas, dining, armchairs, tables and exclusive series of lighting fixtures. Kerf fills the niche in the furniture market between high-end design boutiques and entry-level brands. We have blended the best of heritage craftsmanship with new technology, partnering with European manufacturers.
It is not just a rearrangement of furniture but a crafting of a lifestyle- one that’s allows freedom, comfort and elegance. Our custom-made and curated furniture is built to meet the demands and unique tastes of our customers, providing a high-quality product that will be enjoyed for a lifetime. We are humbled to be a part of your home.


Kerf was founded by Priyanka Taparia on the idea that people should never settle when it comes to their home furnishing, but rather have the freedom to be boldly original. She has 20 years experience in Interior Design and is very passionate about design and space planning. She has worked on several residential projects and believes that growth flows from hard work, initiative and frugality. She takes her inspiration and high values from her family owned business company The Supreme Industries who are the leader in India’s plastic and furniture manufacturing.