Kerf has a clear, understanding of contemporary lifestyles, which are studied
and interpreted so that we may provide solutions through our products. Our goal is to fill the niche in the market between high-end design boutiques and entry-level brands. We have blended the best of heritage craftsmanship with new technology by partnering with designer brands in italy Products in our collection are crafted in some of the most advanced facilites in the industry.

It is not just a rearrangement of furniture but the crafting of a lifestyle -one that allows freedom, comfort and elegance. We cater for those with a bolder aesthetic, combining stylish statement pieces with beautiful traditional craft. Our custom-made and curated furniture is built to meet the demands and unique tastes of our customers.

Deeply rooted in the company’s dna, Kerf is linked to the principles of aesthetic understatement and timeless elegance, with great attention to sartorial details.